About Me

I am a Sydney based affordable commercial Photographer, specialising in family, new born, children, body image, maternity and art work photography. I started Adonic Art back in 1995 the good old fashioned way with film and I chuckle when I think about how much easier the digital era and Photoshop has made my life.

Recalling the early days of mastering the art of developing with correct chemical temperatures in the darkroom, facemasks, and requiring tremendous amounts of patience when a client wanted black & white images with a coloured feature within the photograph, this of course involved a 0000 paintbrush, a magnifying glass and a very steady hand. Not forgetting to mention that when you were hired for a job you had to get it right the first time, there was no checking images on the spot, you had one shot and one shot only.

Yes times have changed but I am honoured to have been a part of that special era, there was something raw about the whole developing process and I will never forget the magic of seeing my very first photograph come to life for the first time in the darkroom and like a picture that image will never be erased from my mind.

Having completed a two year Photography/Art course I then went on to hold many exhibitions as well as photograph weddings, baptisms, real estate, fashion, food, jewellery and anything I could get my hands on really. I had discovered my passion and there was no stopping me and no turning back.

Over the years I have picked up a few skills along the way such as mastering Photoshop and creating Fashion & Accessory catalogues from scratch, from taking product shots to constructing the catalogue in Adobe as well as liaise with the printers for the end result, feel free to have a look at a digital example I have created here.

I think for me the most rewarding part of photographing is capturing exactly what the client wants, as the old saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and over the years I have come to learn how true this saying is. Everybody’s tastes are unique and different and my aim is to capture what my client wants and together we work towards a vision, the end result creating a memory a moment frozen in time that will last forever.