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International Women's Day 2020

Meet Firefighter Hayley Wentworth Adonic Art's International woman of the year.

Adonic Art International Woman of the Year 2020, Hayley Wentworth.

Never have I been so humbled as the day that I turned up to photograph firefighter Hayley, who is stationed at Crows Nest. I mean how do you even begin to say thank you to someone for choosing a job so selfless, so honourable. A person so committed to helping others. For the first time in my life I was rendered speechless.

I was feeling overwhelmed with emotion given our recent summer was deemed the harshest Australia has ever seen. So, while I vacation with my family and while we sat safe in our home and tried and not to inhale the outside air. Our emergency services were in the middle of a blazing fury.

“Can you drive this?” I asked excitedly. “Absolutely!” She replied confidently.

About ten minutes into our shoot, Hayley and her platoon had to respond to an emergency call. Enabling the perfect opportunity to catch her in action.

Click play below as Hayley gets prepared for anything. Make sure you turn the volume up.

To be a Firefighter is so much more than fighting fires as they are trained in many aspects such as.

· Fire prevention and investigation

· Community education

· Home Recovery

· Management of hazardous, toxic and flammable materials

· Recovery after storm

· Flood Responding to rescue calls throughout the State

· Animal rescue

· Open doors for medical & life-threatening situations

· Carrying out building inspections to prepare risk assessment

Another part of a firefighter’s job is to assist in industrial and transport incidents, including road accidents. When attending an incident, firefighters may be required to provide basic first aid until the NSW Ambulance arrive. They provide comfort to victims and advise the public to stay clear of the area.

With this in mind and on a personal note, a month ago my family was directly involved in a horrific car accident in the airport tunnel, taking the life of a friend & seriously injuring three others. So, when Hayley tried to show me the instruments, they use to cut people out of cars, I couldn't bring myself to photograph or even look at the tools. It was too soon. Having come straight from the hospital it triggered me to a dark place. As I listened to Hayley blinking back my tears, I couldn't begin to imagine what she had seen or what risks lay ahead. Yet the dedication in her voice was clearly second to none.

I know deep in my heart that It takes a special kind of person that places their own life in danger to save the life of another. To be a firefighter you need to rely on all your senses, to be committed to your platoon. A firefighting role is psychologically & physically demanding, especially during major emergencies, and involves quick thinking, endurance and teamwork. Firefighters often Work in stressful situations, particularly when people are threatened with injury or injured.

Hayley and Claudia pride themselves on making nutritious meals for their platoon.
An honourable mention goes out to firefighter Claudia Attanasio. Pictured to the right of Hayley.

Pictures above Hayley and Claudia pride themselves on cooking nutritious meals for their platoon.


Just when you think our honourable woman can't get any more selfless, insert hubby (who is also a firefighter) and their two gorgeous children. Hayley still manages to provide a loving environment as a mother and wife. With so much on the line and so much to lose, this beautiful family still manages a healthy work life balance.

Hayley & Rob work on different 24-hour shifts, the balancing act requires 100% emotional and physical effort at work and 100% emotional & physical effort at home.

Having two parents to tuck the children in of an evening at the Wentworth household is rare.

Maintaining good health and physical fitness is also required to be a firefighter.

As you can see from the images below the Wentworth's are a picture of health. Adopting a healthy diet and implementing physical activity to keep fit.


Hayley you pave the way and set an example to all women, the message is clear. Women can do anything they put their minds to. Your passion for your family, peers and your job is outstanding. You are proof that all superheroes don't have to wear capes.

It is an absolute honour to have nominated you the Adonic Art International Woman of the Year 2020.

We thank you for your service.


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