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ABOUT Brenda


Brenda is the head photographer & founder of Adonic Art who is based but not limited to Brisbane City.


Brenda's experience spans over 20 years. Having acquired her photography accreditation she then went on to hold many exhibitions as well as photograph Weddings, Christenings, Events, Maternity, Boudoir, Sports, Fitness, Day Care Centre photography, Everything Family & Commercial work.


Anything she could get her hands on.

She had discovered her passion and there was no stopping her and no turning back.

Brenda's friendly approach and calm demeanour will place even the most awkward person in front of the camera at ease.

Her style is natural and creative bringing out the best in her subjects.

Commercially Brenda will work with clients to achieve the desired result. Producing beautiful images from start to finish under her watchful eye.

Brenda in her own words:

"How times have changed in regard to digital photography. I am honoured to have been a part of that special era where film was used, there was something raw about the whole developing process and I will never forget the magic of seeing my very first photograph come to life in the darkroom and like a picture that image will never be erased from my mind."

Brenda Lozada

Photographer/Creative director

Adonic Art

Awards & Nominations:
It was a great honour for Brenda to have recently been nominated for the Spirit of Soul Festival competition. Held in the prestigious Strand Arcade Sydney. 
For her photography work entitled 
Through my eyes
Not only did Brenda get to exhibit her work alongside some great photographers but all proceeds went back to Spirit of Soul to raise awareness for mental illness.
Having picked up many awards along the way, her most recent awards can be viewed on the following links.
Children awards:
Beary Cheeky 
Backyard Sydney Summers
It's the small things
Windows to the Soul
Boudoir awards:
Into the evening
When she's not looking
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Creative awards:
Musical Duo TIWI
A singers life
Family awards:
A bond like no other
Daddy's little girl
Maternity awards: 
Playing with water
Mother Earth
Sports & Fitness awards:
Coach Jim 
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