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A Million Bubbles

A Million Bubbles an event uniquely different in approach. Seeing life differently and coming at it from a different angle, refreshing to say the least.

When asked to take on this event, I thought it was like any other. How wrong I was.

We are to take everything we have been told to capture at events out the window. To capture the magic, the energy and electricity in the air.

To cultivate our creativity and bring it to the forefront. Challenge accepted.

Armed with a talented team of Videographers and a drone pilot we are ready to unleash our visual capabilities.

A Million Bubbles conjures up images of amazement making something so simple, so wonderful. This event will be held at the Ovolo in Wooloomooloo and all Golden Tickets are sold out.

Adonic Art is honoured to be capturing this event. Pics to follow.

To follow this event #amillionbubblescx

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