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International Woman's Day 2019

When it comes to International Woman's Day, I never have to search far to find the most inspirational women. They are literally at my door step. In fact, this year I struggled to pick one. I mean how can I just pick one? When I am surrounded by so much talent.

That's when it came to me! Why not feature them all? Myself included.

As a director I understand how hard it is to drive your passion, no one see's the tears, the stress, the late nights & the multiple hats we wear hidden behind a glowing smile & like a pillar of strength we solider on.

Did I pack enough in that lunch? Did I organise that play date? Feed the cat? Feed the dog? Get enough exercise? Get out that quote? Meet with that client? Fulfil that roster? Pay staff? Drive here & drive there, post this and post that. All in a day’s work and of course look good doing it. And don't even think about calling in a sickie because really there is no one else but me.

I guess this is more than a homage, this is a thank you to you all for your strength, for inspiring me to be the best version of myself and for being able to not only lean on you but to look up to you. As business owners we have been able to vent to each other and bounce ideas. Ensuring we don't fail, keeping the bond strong.

We are good at what we do & It is the passion for what we do that keeps us going and clearly there is no one to answer to but ourselves. When we fail, we are hard on ourselves and when we accomplish, we are still hard on ourselves for we can do better. We absorb every mistake and soak in all the knowledge like a sponge and apply it to our art. Always bringing out the very best in ourselves.

We are entrepreneurs, mothers (fur babies included), partners, wives, multitaskers and the glue that keeps everything together. Collectively we are a diverse power house.

So on this day International Woman's Day I take my hat off to these exceptional humans for being who they are and staying true to themselves and for everything they bring to the table. Your efforts will not go unnoticed.

These are the women entrepreneurs closest to me.

Click on their names to be redirected to their work.

Back row from left to right (standing up).

Sitting down from left to right.

An honorary mention goes out to my friends that couldn't attend the shoot due to (surprise, surprise) work commitments.

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