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International Women of the year 2022

Meet Zoe Hogg, Adonic Art's International woman of the year and one of many beautiful faces from the amazing team of Midwives at Greenslopes Private Hospital.

Zoe proudly stands at the entrance of Greenslopes Private Hospital.

It’s common knowledge that nurses are one of the most selfless individuals. Caring for others, with their primary aim being to look after the sick and vulnerable. Doing their utmost to cure or ease the injured and the ill by treating patients carefully and protectively. Or, in Zoe's case, successfully preparing a mother to be for motherhood and delivering those precious little lives. Aside from cesareans.

What drew Zoe to nursing was a personal experience that left an overwhelming impression on her. In her own words, Zoe said, “I wanted to pay it forward. I wanted to give back and aid people. Nothing gives me more pleasure than helping others.”

It was this decision that eventually led her to Midwifery. A job I can clearly see she is passionate about.

Remembering my experience with my midwives. I was an older mum, treading through uncharted waters and clearly clueless.

Yet! There they were, these absolute angels just walking around with all this wealth of knowledge. Informative with questions I may have had. Assuring me when they could undoubtedly see I was struggling. The hugs I received when the baby blues set upon me. Who even knew that was a thing? The words of encouragement when my baby finally latched and the constant checking in to see how baby and I were doing. Absolute saviors.

Let's talk about some of the team. Starting from the road inwards, we have Jo, Zoe, Katie, and Fiona.

What struck me about these ladies when they came out to take their group photo was how seamlessly they came together, immediately chatting and laughing away. Oblivious to me. The connection was imminent. It was such a pleasure to witness. It was powerful and humbling at the same time. These women represent strength. They have formed an alliance and unquestionably, I can see they support each other. They are at the forefront when life first comes into the world. We place all our trust in them and they do a magnificent job. We are fortunate to have them.

Zoe pictures with her two sons from left-to-right Alfie & Forrest.

Zoe works three days, twelve hours a day per week. Including two graveyard shifts. On these days she doesn't get to see her two boys because they are sleeping when she leaves and sleeping when she arrives home.

After her shifts, she goes into their rooms and kisses her two sleeping boys. She tells me with an affectionate look on her face.

It's on these days, Zoe and her husband Jai juggle the boys with schooling, homework, and activities.

Adonic Art's International Women of the Year 2022

When I asked Zoe, what it is that she struggles with within her role as a Midwife? She expresses her desire to see how these babies are coming along and how she wishes she could see how they are growing. The bond she builds with expecting mothers is strong. She clearly misses them once they leave the hospital's care.

For the past twelve years, Zoe has dedicated herself to Midwifery. We salute you, Zoe, and all the sacrifices you make to help others. You are a superhero in your own right, and you pave the way and set an example for all women.

Your wholehearted commitment to the health profession is commendable. Your devotion to your family, your peers, and your job is outstanding.

It is an absolute honor to nominate you, Adonic Art's International Women of the Year 2022.

We thank you and all health professionals that have been in the firing line these past couple of years.


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