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International Women of the year 2023

All whale images were captured by Adonic Art on the Spirit of the Gold Coast. Also big advocates of Sea Shepherd.

Every year, we take time to pay homage to one outstanding woman. It is essential to shed light on how far women's roles in society have shaped & strengthened. Paving the way and creating more opportunities. More women are now in positions that would have been impossible to reach in the past.

Before I make the introduction, I would like to bring to your attention one of Earth's greatest assets. The Ocean.

The ocean is one of the most therapeutic places you can be. From the sand gently exfoliating the dryness on your feet to the salt air in your lungs and nothing beats the healing powers of salt water on your skin and wounds.

The beach and its ocean are among one of the healthiest places to be for your body and mind. A place so calming that you will often hear of people that have fallen asleep to the sound of the ocean. Not forgetting to mention it is home to billions of marine life, each with its own important role to play in the ecosystem.

Now! is the time to remove our rose-colored glasses. The ocean, as we know it, is in constant threat. For example, the catastrophic effects that global warming is having on our environment and then there's just plain human disregard such as littering. We can help by remembering to leave the beach with everything we came with.

Meet Rennae Miers Adonic Art International Women of the Year 2023

With this being said, meet Adonic Art's 2023 Woman of the Year, Rennae Miers. Now, when I tell you, this lady is a badass, you better believe it!

For the past 8 years, Rennae has worked closely with Sea Shepherd and is currently the Outreach Coordinator in charge of Sea Shepherd Australia’s National volunteer program, comprising 20 chapters in different states, with each chapter having 1-150 volunteers. Yes, let's just say she's a tad busy.

Who is Sea Shepard, you ask? In their own words, they are a non-profit, international direct-action ocean conservation movement.

Rennae's many duties include orchestrating volunteers with careful planning. Always adhering to different countries legalities. working to fight against the ocean's greatest threats, which are illegal fishing, ocean plastics, climate change, and threats to endangered species.

Rennae told us that Sea Shepherd has a lot of women on their vessels. Now, if you want to see something cool, check out the Sea Shepherd Fleet here. Think about the amazing crew of volunteers crusading to save our oceans and working endlessly to save our environment.

In fact, Rennae said that she sees a lot more women these days and a lot of them are in positions of authority. Also excitedly adding that the younger generation is so passionate about the environment and its future.

Images of Rennae were taken in Brisbane's Margate Beach. Here she talks about protecting everything from the seashore to the seabed and says that every single thing in our ocean has a purpose and is important to our ecosystem.

Rennae works alongside and supports the National Marine Debris team assisting with regular beach cleans in Brisbane's Moreton Bay area and beyond. The Sea Shepherd Brisbane Chapter is a permanent vendor at the Redcliffe farmer and artisan markets. Where the volunteers fundraise by selling Sea Shepherd merchandise and spreading awareness.

Thank you, Rennae, for helping to protect our oceans and marine life. Your dedication and commitment are just some of the many qualities that make you admirable.

Thank you for the enthusiasm you show toward educating our younger generation.

You are one amazing woman! You have juggled being a mother and a wife. Unknowingly, you have paved the way for future women to take the lead and achieve their goals.

It is an honor to nominate you for Adonic Art's International Women of the Year 2023.


Are you passionate about preserving our ocean? If the answer is yes. You can help by scanning the QR code to make a donation.

Sea Shepherd's also stocks the coolest merch.


Adonic Art is an award-winning creative photography studio -based in Brisbane run by another badass woman. If any of the whale images take your fancy? Be sure to reach out to us by clicking on this link.

We can help you print and frame your artwork. 10% of all sales will go to the Sea Shepherd foundation.


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